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Common Areas Reimagined

ReDesign. ReEvaluate. ReCapture.

Strategically ReEvaluating & ReDesigning Common Areas of NYC Properties

Common Areas make up about 20-30% of an investment property; lobby’s, hallways, stairways, even basements, yards, rooftops. 
That 20-30% is designated as an ‘efficiency’ or ‘loss’ factor, a calculation associated with space that essentially doesn't produce direct income, leading to oversight and disregard for valuable square footage.

COLLAR views common areas differently.


First Impressions

Efficiency of the Inefficient

First impressions; the entryway, a lobby, hallways - what emotion is evoked?

On paper, these spaces may represent a “loss” but as we know, real estate is an emotion driving asset. Common areas are the first attribute a potential buyer or renter experiences, setting the tone for the rest of the property.

COLLAR views common areas as an opportunity to increase property values & revenues while decreasing vacancies and time on the market.

By ReEvaluating and ReEnvisioning common areas, property owners will dramatically improve asset performance while realizing a direct return on investment.

COLLAR | col·​lar

Financial Strategy;

1: To limit risk at a “low cost” and to have some upside profit potential at the same time when first acquiring shares of stock.​

2: To protect a previously-purchased stock for a “low cost” and to leave some upside profit potential when the short-term forecast is bearish but the long-term forecast is bullish.​

Verb; 1a: to take control of.


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